Welcome to Bee Sweeper! Prepare to get stung, because you're stuck in a beehive! Bee Sweeper is a bee themed variation on the classic game Mine Sweeper, with hexagonal tiles.

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Difficult


Bee Sweeper EXE.zip 22 MB

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Mate, Good Job on this better than I can do. I'm not the best at minesweeper but still pased beginner. I'm from NC and I am a brown belt at code ninjas. 



Well done from the UK ninjas! This game should come with a warning: "Players may lose days to this game!"

- Lee @ Code Ninjas Epsom UK


Awesome job! You've put a lot of great effort into this game, and it really shows! The Bee Theme works well with the hexagonal tiles, and adds a new spin to an old classic. Keep up the great work! 

-Sensei Leo, Code Ninjas Fargo


Great game. It's very addictive. I keep coming back to play more. Also, love the font choice. Very whimsical.